so who is celo?

Moving to another country and leaving his love for drum & bass was the perfect catalyst CELO needed to help him realise his forgotten dream, and create his own music.


From 90’s raver to ‘late blooming’ D&B producer, CELO’s focus is on the deeper, minimal and liquid side of the drum & bass genre, with influences from artists such as Leftfield, Arkaik, The Prodigy, Break, Foo Fighters and the old skool sounds of early Jungle, hip hop and rock.


Reaching 200,000 streams alone on Spotify, releases on a variety of labels and compilations, and support from Humanature and Linear to name a few, his passion for music, rave culture and distortion has propelled him into the world of drum & bass.

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"Siiiiiick tune (Stalker- Big up lads"

Dave Owen

Originally from the UK, CELO fell in love with music when he was 12, after Metallica's black album opened his eyes to noise. But his love for DnB came after attending his first Helter Skelter rave at 15, leading him to buy his first tape pack, Helter Skelter Energy 97.


In awe of his new idols Andy C, Ed Rush & Optical, Dillinja, Randall and many others, he bought his first 1210’s at 18 and took part in a DJ competition at the legendary Enzo’s nightclub at 19, winning best DJ in the D&B room, leading to gigs in and around Salisbury. But in 2005, he lost the passion for dnb.


With the magic gone, he packed away his decks and records and didn't touch them for years. Then in 2007, love for a Danish girl changed everything, and in 2010 CELO took the huge decision to move to Denmark and sell everything he had, including his decks and records. His world of drum & bass was over...

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"Fall is a great track. Full of the right amount of highs and lows. There are references Villem, who I’ve a lot of time for"

Acid Ted Blog

Come 2013 he learnt about digital djing and that apps could be used to DJ with. A fire began to burn again, as CELO started DJing 'mainstream' music at friends' parties. Initially fun, New Years Eve of 2015 at a friend's house was the tipping point.


That passion he had in the 90’s had not returned. Mainstream music didn't give him the buzz he experienced years ago, and that's when it dawned on him. Drum & bass was missing from the equation. He started hunting down all the classic tracks as digital files and began catching up with the scene and learning the latest styles.


This burst of enthusiasm for the music ignited a hidden, but never realised desire to create his own music. So in 2016, with many musical ideas bursting to be unleashed, CELO started learning the craft of drum & bass production via Ableton Live 9.

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"Taking inspiration from vintage tech and neuro penned by the likes of The Upbeats, Rollin goes for the classic one two punch of hard rolling breaks and pure bassline riffage. Yes yes! "

DnB Dojo

Fast forward 2022, CELO has releases on a variety of labels from Hyperactivity Music to Sub-Label Recordings, has gained traction on streaming services such as Spotify, DJ’d at various club nights such as Subhive and FEUM, and helps others learn the craft of music production. 


"CELO is a passionate music producer, this is obvious just from listening to any of his work. Whenever I see a release from him, I know it is going to be big"

City 2 Coast Audio

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